What is UniHash
Next Gen Merchant System!

Localize system enables merchant to receive fiat as settlement in Asia.

In UniHash, everyone can spend cryto-currency in countless merchants, from foods to boutique.

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The NEURON Wallet

The ultimate official wallet for unihash supporters to spend at our partnered merchants.

Our wallet will enable you to sign up and access your UNIH, BTC and ETH from any device and transact as easily as you can with existing partnered merchant, but in a fully decentralized way.

  • Unihash Blockchain – Track Your Transaction via Block Explorer
  • Big Data – Crunching Big Data with Merchants to help improve your experience
  • High Merchant Acceptance – Partnered with 30,000++ merchants across Asia
  • Easy Wallet Application – Shop Direct with UniHash Wallet Application
  • Transformation – Forget about bringing fiat currencies to merchants

The Fiat Enabler

We want crypto currencies to be so easy to use at as much merchants as possible.